Every year, New York Magazine film critic David Edelstein and producer Lynda Obst correspond via email on the day the Oscar nominations are announced, and their ramblings are posted on the mag's website (this year, they're hosted by the Daily Intel). Yes, you heard right: email. We hear David had been really edging towards IM this year, but there was a last-minute glitch involving animated emoticons. Anyway, in the spirit of immediacy, we thought we'd liveblog our thoughts as we read David and Lynda's e-pistles.

  • Paragraph one: David gleefully shits all over snubbedDreamgirls, shitting especially hard on the song "We Are Family." He's already won us over; the best thing we can say about that song is that at least it's not catchy. Seriously, how much would it suck to have "like a giant tree, branching towards the skyyyy . . ." stuck in your head. But we digress. And so does David: he's on to predicting an Oscar win for Little Miss Sunshine.
  • How excited are you that Leonardo DiCaprio got nominated for something other than The Departed? Well, David's really excited. Blah blah Scorcese, pause for lamedropping ("I was getting drunk at the bar next to Paul Schrader and babbling that it would be so horrible if the director of Taxi Driver and Raging Bull got an Oscar for The Departed, a piece of campy hackwork to which I was far too kind in New York's pages.") Campy hackwork, eh David? Is that what you meant by "the movie works smashingly?" Well, we'll let it slide, especially because you copped to it. Next!
  • Jennifer Hudson has been walking around "like a deer in headlights." Re: Dames Helen and Judy, "what can you say besides 'wa-hoo!'" What indeed.
  • "What breakfasts there will be in Park City this morning!" Sometimes, we wish we were some Hollywood retard. At least we would get to eat breakfast.
  • We'll bring you more breaking liveblogging news just as soon as Lynda responds to David's email!
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