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A couple of weeks ago at the TCA cable press tour, FX president John Landegraf played it a little coy when he hinted that things on new offering Dirt would get better about five episodes into the season, but didn't indicate exactly what form the coming improvement would take. According to TV, viewers who stick with the show a little longer will be treated to the kind of stunt-lesbianism usually reserved for more established series in need of a ratings boost:

Call them Friends with benefits. You already know that when Jennifer Aniston guests on the March 27 season finale of Courteney Cox's FX drama Dirt, she'll be playing her bosom buddy's archenemy, a rival tabloid editor. But what I've learned — muahaha, exclusively! — is that Aniston's character is a lesbian. What's more, she won't just mouth off to Cox's tightly wound counterpart, she's going to share a liplock with her. An FX rep declined to comment, but Joey Tribbiani had this to say: "Yeah, baby!"

For a cable network so committed to pushing the envelope by exploring exciting new sideboob and strap-on sodomy frontiers, a lesbian-lite kiss seems decidedly safe, even if it satisfies the third most popular Friends slash-fic scenario behind Joey-on-Chandler or Ugly-Naked-Guy-on-Ross couplings. Perhaps FX has one of their edgy surprises in store for us (we've still not had a good night of sleep since Rosie O'Donnell was ravaged on that zebra-skin rug onNip/Tuck), and they'll find a way to work Cox's signature vibrator into that innocent liplock.