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We were looking to upgrade from L'Eggs, and we'd heard that's blogging style expert, Suze Yalof Schwartz, knew a lot about hosiery, so we headed on over there to get her advice. But we have to admit, we were a little bit shocked to hear a fashion mag employee recommend . . . well, let's let Suze tell it:

Hannah Storm, morning host of CBS's The Early Show, had me fooled last week. She was telling me she wished she was bare-legged like I was on the show. I was in shock — I couldn't see her stockings at all! They were invisible (and made by Donna Karen, of course).

We trust Glamour completely, so even though we're ethically opposed to buying anything that eats into the profit margins of major fashion conglomerates, we guess we'll break our own rules just this once. We're headed down to Canal Street! Maybe that guy who has the Chanal sunglasses will have them.

Suze on Style [Glamour]