Well, we seem to have hit a nerve earlier when we called out New York film critic David Edelstein's takesies-backsies regarding his The Departed review, prompting him to admit that the review was "wussy." See, Mom, our job isn't totally pointless! David had time to mull this over, of course, because his correspondent, producer Lynda Obst, took her sweet time in replying to his (9:28) email. She is on the West Coast, but we mean, this is LIVEBLOGGING, people! Pick up the pace, Picante!

Yeah, so. After the jump, we report our thoughts on Lynda's email as they happen.

  • Paragraph one: Lynda explains to David why seeming Best Pic frontrunner Dreamgirls got snubbed. Revelation: the Golden Globes are not very influential.
  • America was hungry for a true musical, but Academy voters were hungry for a virtuous war movie. "We were watching with eyes that have also witnessed Vietnam and Iraq." Speak for yourself, oldie.
  • Little Miss Sunshine is the "industry underdog favorite. That was a secret I was going to share with you — until yesterday, when it was voted best picture by the Producers Guild, which kind of tipped my hand." Uh, yeah, that secret's out now! Lynda posits that it's because L. A. types are all one big dysfunctional family, and their families are also all one big dysfunctional family. She's really going out on a limb here. We applaud her bravery.
  • "The Queen — your queen." We think what Lynda is getting at here is, "you're queeny."
  • Babel "needs" an Oscar; it's the opposite of Little Miss Sunshine. We would agree, except we haven't seen Babel. Does anyone have to jump into a moving bus in that?
  • Obst Weighs In, Fond of 'Sunshine' and Pushing for 'Babel' [NYMag]
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