You've been there, you've done that. What's left? Ah, yes, these fine 100% cotton, American Apparel garments. These works of art in clothing form were your two top selections in our recent tee-off; they're available for pre-order from the Gawker shop at a special price. (Congratulations to Gawker commenter swedefish, who suggested "I Hate Your Kids.") Order now and soon enough you'll be explaining to all of your friends that, no, you're not wearing a shirt that says you're a douche, it's more of a play on words that - oh, never mind, you wouldn't understand. Even better news: Our quest for humorous leisurewear is far from over: Want to suggest your own creation, or simply vote on those of others? You can! Shop early and often.

I Hate Your Kids.
Douch [Gawker Shop]