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Defamer is committed to bringing together its shoe-fetishizing readers with those who can provide them with the discarded footwear of the well-shod celebrities they so desperately covet, and so we pass along this anonymous Craigslist post seeking a recent Golden Globes also-ran's previously worn Cavallis:

Wanted: Shoes Worn by Entourage TV star Jeremy Piven - $300 I'm seeking shoes that have been well worn by Entourage star Jeremy Piven. They can be any type of shoe as long as they have been well worn by him. I will pay $300 or even more for them. If you can help out, please let me know.

We'll readily admit our ignorance of the going rate for such items, but at a handsome $300 bounty, we imagine it might be worth the time and trouble required to stake out the entrance of Hyde, tackle Piven as he's distracted by turning over his keys to the valet, forcibly wrestle the shoes from his feet, then escape into the Hollywood night before TMZ's cameraman gets enough footage to assist the actor in fighting off his attacker.