As the Daily Transom reported yesterday, disgraced former Page Sixer Jared Paul Stern has been exonerated. Wait, is exonerated the right word? We think we're actually looking for something more along the lines of "not not exonerated" — the federal case against the accused Burkle-blackmailer is being dropped due to lack of evidence. Anyway, today the Observer has more on how Stern is planning to turn the tables on Burkle and sue him for defamation, libel, and slander, which means that we're going to need some more photos of Stern in funny hats and pink polo shirts, stat. So what does his former employer have to say about all this?

Well, of course the Post totally knew all along that Stern would emerge 'victorious' (again, 'no longer being seen as quite as much of a scumbag, maybe, probably, due to lack of evidence' = victory, by Post standards). They are right about one thing, though: Stern definitely lost "a lot of credibility" in the wake of the allegations. But that may have had less to do billionaire-shakedown accusations and more to do with his boring, sour-grapes flavored weekend as a Gawker sub. In any case, Stern is still looking for your sympathy, telling the Post, " . . . I'm still basically in the same situation vis- -vis my life being ruined." Aww, poor Jared, right? It sucks that his book about this whole sordid mess only sold for six figures.

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