We just finishing yawning our way through Chris Shott's tour of the purported constant blogfucky networking party that is the L.E.S., which features tour stops at "Blogger Peach Pit" The Magician and a nod to "the babe-hopping habits of BlackTable.com editor A.J. Daulerio." The Black Table, like everything else about this article, has been defunct for at least a year. Well, or so we hear. We actually sort of wouldn't know; our hobnobbing in "Hell Square" with this "college-educated yet often high-schoolish crowd" has been limited. Like, doesn't Shott know that these people are, in addition to being "old-school," also just . . . you know, old?

Seriously, if we were Shott, we would've gone with more of a "last days of disco" tone here; the bloggers and bloggy hangers-on quoted are mostly in their mid-thirties. Aka, ANCIENT. Their days of wondering how to simultaneously smoke pot and snort coke while drinking pinot grigio (in bars that are only popular for having once been deserted enough for a bunch of alcoholics more accustomed to IM than actual social interaction to feel comfortable in them) are numbered. Soon they will all have paired off and moved to the suburbs and we'll still be here, mocking their Vows announcements and the fact that they've already registered domains in their kids' names.

Besides, it's well known that the younger, cooler generation of bloggers have their own clubby hangout. We'd never be so gauche as to reveal too many details about it here, but we will say that it docks most frequently on a stretch of the Gowanus canal dubbed "Heaven Triangle."

Blog Ghetto [NYO]