The date: January 15th 2007

The place: 56th at Madison

Sighting: Reichen Lehmkuhl at the RCS Experience electronics store on 56th and Madison. He was dressed casually, taller than I expected and accompanied by a male with dark hair.

Over the past few years, Reichen Lehmkuhl has descended upon the world of pseudo-celebrity like some sort of gay, well-chiseled plague. Reichen's journey from a trailer park in Massachusetts to the heights of the C-list is truly something to behold.

Ever since a young Richard Lehmkuhl entered the United States Air Force Academy at 16, his sights have clearly been set on world domination. Maybe not in the "give me money and power or I will blow stuff up" sort of way, but certainly in the "I will be allowed into whichever Sundance parties I want" way.

During his time at the Academy Richard discovered that one, being in the military is no fun if you are gay and two, he possessed some other talents. Namely, hips that don't quit. Changing his name to the more exotic-sounding Reichen, he quickly set his sights on gay-icon status.

It was at this time that Reichen stumbled upon that old standby of famewhores everywhere - reality television. So, he found an unsuspecting gay man to marry him, and went on to compete in, and eventually win, the Amazing Race 4. Of course, once the husband had served his purpose Reichen discarded him and moved on to his next endeavor.

He wrote a book about gay life in the military, and though not quite up to McGreevey standards in terms of prose, it did fairly well. Mostly because Reichen started dating former N'Sync-er Lance Bass and forced him out of the closet at the same time the book was set to be released to milk the publicity.

Lance and Reichen have recently broken up, allegedly because Reichen is both using and cheating on poor Lance. Clearly, it is time for America to wise up. Reichen Lehmkuhl may be stunning, but he is evil and must be stopped.

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