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In the proud Gawker tradition of alarmist fake-seeming reality show spoiling, we bring you the news, via Snack, that Top Chef contestant Ilan Hall has left his position at Mario Batali's Spanish joint, Casa Mono. Snack wonders whether this means that Hall has bagged the show's $100,000 grand prize (while the first part of the finale airs this week, it was taped in November) while Eater LA posits the theory that Hall has quit to avoid humiliation when it's revealed that he "did something more horrible than Cliff." We hate spoilers (uh, sorry!) and we're rooting for Sam, so we're kind of hoping that it's the latter. What, or who, did Ilan do that's more horrible than Cliff? Only time — or, you know, food blogs — will tell.

Top Chef Says "I Quit!" [Snack]
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