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Yesterday, we noted the launch of, the leading online destination for viewing the latest wave of Paris Hilton-produced media that remind the world of the reason the tabloid-ubiquitous hotel heiress is famous: for an unselfconscious willingness to document various physical expressions of her sexuality in front of a video recording device. Our glory-hole-quality-inspecting sister site Fleshbot notes [link probably NSFW] that generous citizens of the internets have already thrown wide the door on Hilton's virtual storage locker and digitally liberated some of its contents, and has compiled a gallery of screengrabs [link definitely NSFW] of images supplied by their pervy operatives. Sadly, there's still no photographic evidence of the hastily improvised Discarded Pet Kinkajou Burial Ground we believed had been set up in a cluttered corner of the locker, but there are some of Hilton demonstrating the hottest trend in barely concealed recreational drug use from the local club scene, the Tampon Blunt.