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While presidential hopeful Barack Obama seems to have all but locked up the endorsement of DreamWorks' Hollywood kingmaking troika with the announcement of an upcoming fundraiser aimed at perpetuating the spread of Obamamania through the entertainment industry community, Hillary "The Experienced Alternative" Clinton is far from conceding the town to her adversary, setting up her own local opportunity to circle a luxury hotel ballroom, tossing show business blood money in a burlap sack as wealthy diners consume their dinner. Reports Var on the rapidly approaching orgies of political starfuckery:

The DreamWorks trio of Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg and David Geffen sent out hundreds of invitations Wednesday for a Feb. 20 fund-raising reception for Obama's exploratory committee. The $2,300-per-person event, at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, will be followed by a private dinner at Geffen's home for Obama's fund- raising co-chairs. The latter are those who commit to raising $46,000 each for the evening.

Meanwhile, the Clinton campaign is planning a big gala on March 24, at a venue such as a hotel in the Beverly Hills area. That will be preceded by a visit on Feb. 11, when Clinton is planning to hold meet-and-greets at the homes of investment banker Sim Farar and of entertainment industry mogul Haim Saban. The meet-and-greets are for fund-raiser/donors who each commit to raising at least $25,000. Clinton also plans another visit to meet with donors in late Feb. [...]

As such, the process of organizing the events is said to be a balancing act of egos and logistics — what one fund-raiser called "organized chaos." Holding the Clinton event in a hotel, for instance, saves the campaign from having to soothe the inevitable animosities that would develop if one donor's home is picked for a fete over another.

The selection of Geffen's home as the post-party destination for the DreamWorks fundraiser probably involved little hand-wringing over potentially bruised booster egos, as his Malibu Gay Mafia compound was the only suitable venue for the symbolic display of loyalty the DreamWorks trinity have planned for their anointed one: the burning of a dozen abducted Orange County Republicans on a massive pyre erected on the mogul's slice of Carbon Beach, whose anguished screams will be muffled by the rubber Hillary masks they've been forced to wear to complete the sacrificial endorsement ritual.

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