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Before any of you twatwaffles emails us to let us know that TRHOOC was advertising on the site the other day—we know. That's why we waited until today to write about it so we wouldn't get a million contextual advertising emails. Anyway. The other day we were at the gym, for once, and found ourselves watching, and watching. We couldn't tear ourselves away! It was like Laguna Beach meets Desperate Housewives.

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We loved Jo (pictured at right), who slutted off to a Playboy party in LA for the night with a friend and refused to let her boyfriend come. We loved Jeana, a mother of three who used to be a Playboy model herself (and, she was in a ZZ Top video!) but now sells real estate. She tells her daughter she's going to sell one of the family dogs on eBay. Then there's Lauri, who's moved in with her new boyfriend George—who just happens to have loads of cash. Then there's all of their kids, each of whom is more messed up than the next, and all of the McMansions they live in, each more gaudy than the next, and all the plastic surgery ... We imagine we would get very bored if those were our lives, and yet ... Anyway: new episodes, Tuesdays at 10pm, on Bravo, and rebroadcast a million times throughout the week, as is Bravo's wont.

The Real Housewives of Orange County [Bravo]