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Unless you happened to be at one of the Sundance screenings for infamous Dakota Fanning rape-awareness project Hounddog this week, your experience of the controversial scene depicting the tragic despoiling of America's Preteen Sweetheart is probably limited to hysterical soundbites about its moral equivalency to the fellating of an aroused Martin Luther King Jr. statue and counter-soundbites concerning the tastefulness of its non-child-endangering execution. Should you wish to explore the matter further and become a better-informed critic (or defender) of Team Fanning's attempt to push her over the "adolescent hump" and into mature, Oscar-winner territory, Smoking Gun has obtained the relevant Hounddog script pages, complete with the subtle symbolism of quivering young hands being bloodily impaled on the rusty nails of lost innocence and punctuating flashes of dramatic lightning one might expect to find in such a scene. As we are fond of saying when we send you off to experience something that you should not actually enjoy: Enjoy.