When you read the words "young, single, and living in the city" on a computer screen, don't you just want to gouge your eyes out (a little)? Well, you must not be the kind of under-35 year old the AP is going for with its new youth-targeted ASAP service, which brings us the videoblog Reel City Tales. Our heroine, one Donna Arazie, is going to "vlog" (ugh!) about "men, careers, money, [and] big decisions" — like whether or not to booty-call. Giving credit/blame where it's due, Arazie admits in her intro post,"Sure, there was "Sex and the City," but that's so 2003." Omg, you guys, let's totally all watch this vlog on our portable handheld devices! Shoot. us. now.

Associated Press Starts A Sexy Videoblog [NewTeeVee]