We continue to be shocked at the secrets of breast-feeding. Last week, it was breast friends; this week, we turn to an aspect of breast-feeding that we found incredible, even by Park Slope standards: male lactation. After all, why should women have all the fun?

After the jump, more on daddy breast-feeding, and a very, very disturbing video of said phenomenon.

On a blog about unassisted childbirth, the author writes:

For those who claim male lactation is "unnatural," I would have to ask: how natural is canned formula from Nestle' or pacifiers made from petrolium byproducts? If milk production in men were truly unnatural, it wouldn't exist. The fact that it does, leads me to believe that perhaps male lactation is simply nature's back-up system.

And Cookie magazine's blog also points to a video—yes, that's right, a video—of a man "letting his baby suck his hairy nipple," as Cookie so delicately puts it. Somehow the idea of a wet nurse seems vastly preferable.

Bornfree—Laura Shanley's The Unassisted Childbirth Page [Unassisted Childbirth via Cookie]

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