Shilling for Intel Shilling for Intel No wonder Robert Scoble was so upset that his latest report, a tedious video from Intel's Oregon fab , got so few links. The former Microsoft geek, now reinvented as a video blogger and one of Forbes Magazine's top web celebrities , was compensated by the semiconductor maker to come shoot interviews with its execs. Intel is a client of Podtech , the tech news show that employs Scoble, and, he now admits, the company paid a fee for the "professional" video . Unbelievable. The hypocrisy of bloggers, so quick to accuse reporters of conflicts of interest and so blind to their own, is nothing new. But it's truly bizarre that Scoble would, by whining about discrimination against bloggers, draw so much attention to a video feature which could only embarrass him. The moral: fame can go to anyone's head, even a formerly modest geek's.