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The LAT reports that recently ousted Paramount lieutenant Gail Berman is joining forces with long-ago ousted ABC executive Lloyd "I Totally Came Up With 'Lost' And All I Got Was This Lousy, Short-Lived Gig At Yahoo!" Braun to form the creatively named multimedia (TV/internet/movies/short-wave radio plays, if that's what the kids are into) production entity BermanBraun (or the slightly jazzier Berman/Braun, if you listen to Variety; really, the jaunty little slash makes all the difference). But before you start placing bets on where their new company will make its home, there are at least two destinations you can scratch off the list for obvious reasons:

The pair is looking for a studio home for the company and is in discussions with Fox, Warner Bros., CBS and NBC Universal, where the two executives over the years have enjoyed strong relationships. But not surprising, ABC is not on the list of contenders as a result of a very public falling out between Braun and Disney Chief Executive Bob Iger.

Nor is Berman in conversations about any deal with her former boss, Paramount Chairman Brad Grey, despite Braun's close ties with the movie boss. Shortly after Grey took over Paramount in March 2005, Braun suggested that Grey hire Berman because of her creative chops despite her lack of movie experience.

Wherever the new endeavor sets up shop, we imagine that they'll quickly put these grudges behind them and get to the work at hand, perhaps by christening their office space with a one-time burning of effigies of their former ABC and Paramount tormentors (a weekly "Fuck Bob and Brad Friday" would probably be seen as petty), making a clean, yet fiery, break with their pasts.