Media Bubble: Name and Shame

  • What do all these kids have in common? They're being exploited by a Murdoch-owned paper to boost sales in the wake of that whole racist "Big Brother" episode. [Guardian]
  • Yet another editor leaves Louise McBain's LTB Media. [WWD]
  • Jack Shafer wants to know why the Journal won't say that Todd Thomson did it to Maria Bartiromo. [Slate]
  • Meanwhile, Maria's planning a "Charlie Rose style" Q&A show. We can think of a couple of questions already. [NYP]
  • Here's how the Warren St. John soccer story sold. [WSJ]
  • Mark Green's brother buys Air America; Al Franken departs. [NYT]
  • Demetri Martin, John Hodgman: the latest in geek chic. [NYT
  • Someone really hurt Gary Kamiya's feelings. [Salon]
  • David Puttnam, who produced our all-time favorite movie, may become the new chairman of the BBC. [Independent]