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Perhaps Sacha Baron Cohen should have been more specific during his Golden Globes acceptance speech—not about Ken Davitian's rancid pocket of taint air, about which he was entirely too specific, but rather with regards to his comments thanking "every American who has not sued me so far." The heartfelt show of gratitude forgot all those international Borat audiences who might also have considered and rejected seeking damages, such as the Israeli comedian currently mulling a lawsuit over Cohen's adoption of his "wa-wa-wee-wa" catchphrase:

According to "Good Evening With Guy Pines," an Israeli entertainment news show, Dovale Glickman plans to sue the Golden Globe-award winning comedian for copyright infringement. [...]

The Israeli comedian coined the phrase 16 years ago, for a character on the hit Israeli comedy show "Zehu Zeh." Glickman further popularized the expression in a series of TV commercials for the Israeli yellow pages. It caught on and is still commonly heard on the street in Israel.

If Glickman (pictured here) sues, his will be among the first suits claiming plagiarism against Cohen, as opposed to mere deception and humiliation at the hands of a poo-wielding tormentor. (A deeply displeased Mahir never went through with his threats.) This could open the floodgates to further legal action from comedians who similarly feel their routines have been plundered and reassembled into a Frankencomic creation, such as the Norwegian stand-up who's built an entire career around pimping his whore-sister and humorously comparing his ex-wife's vagine to gaping, drooping objects like a wizard's sleeve.