It turns out that all is not wrong with the world; apparently, that male lactation video we linked to yesterday is, thankthegoodfuckinglord, fake, as per this tipster:

Dear Gawker chaps,

Being based in London, I tend to read half of Gawker first thing in the morning, and consequently, thanks to that horrifyingly sincere male lactation article, I can't so much as look at my latte without my nipples twitching. So cheers for that.

Anyway. Genuinely loath as I am to point this out, the video linked in the article is, in fact, a spoof. It was directed by Peter Templeman, an Australian also nominated for an Academy Award this year in the
short film category for The Saviour. Haven't seen it, but there's a part of me that hopes it's about male menstruation.

Us, too.

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