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· Taylor "Mr. Helen Mirren" Hackford (don't call him that—he gets touchy) hosts "Shorts!" at the Samuel Goldwyn—not a celebration of the latest in Bermuda, hoochie, board, and cargo styles, but a program featuring the ten Oscar-nominated films in the animated and live-action short categories. [Variety]
· For those of you feeling cheated out of an Oscar fashion show, however, here's a clip from the Andre Leon Talley event we mentioned a few weeks ago, in which Vogue intern and star of MTV's The Hills Whitney stumbles down some stairs modeling Hilary Swank's backless number. [BWE, Reuters]
· WGA West's Animation Writers Caucus is giving Jules Feiffer a lifetime achievement award at this year's Writers Guild Awards. The longtime Village Voice cartoonist also wrote Carnal Knowledge and Popeye. [Variety]
· We know who won Sundance, but what about the satellite festivals? Dylan Verrechia's Tijuana Makes Me Happy picked up Slamdance's top narrative honor, while the Slamdunk Film Festival awarded best fictional feature prize to The Junior Defenders. [THR]

· Our friends at The Envelope have very generously offered to run your office Oscars pool. [The Envelope]
· The Carpetbagger visits the SAG awards, abuses the fans in the bleachers, and demonstrates a preoccupation with tasers and tasering. And it's all on video! He also concludes that the Oscar is "worth millions per inch." [NY Times Video, The Carpetbagger]
· Gwyneth Paltrow has found that winning the Oscar at age 26 proved to be something of a curse. Now the BAFTA, on the other hand, now that's an award that can do no wrong! [Reuters]