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Aaaand . . . it gets weirder. While we've being doing our best to avert our eyes from the endless trainwreck spooling out in slow-motion that is Eric Schaeffer's internet-documented life, someone's been doing the opposite. Meet Sandi. She's Eric Schaeffer's stalker.

I admit it, I'm insane. But after I saw his movie "Fall" in 1997, I was a little obsessed with him. I thought his craziness was kind of charming. And when I read his blog, none of it really surprised me. It all seemed sort of....earnest. I liked that there was actually a guy in New York City looking for a wife. I keep getting guys who want to cheat on their girlfriends with me.

Ugh, we hate that! We totally see where Sandi was coming from, and we read about her attempts to get closer to Eric with great interest. Unfortunately, though, she failed to meet choosy ol' Eric's stringent criteria. The email he sent to Sandi, rebuffing her advances, is after the jump.

Hey Sandi, no I wasn't just being nice. I would have been up for chatting or getting a coffee but I'm a recovering alcoholic for many years and the whole drinking thing is a dealbreaker for me. I'm glad you're taking steps to deal with it but if you've been "detoxing" on and off and are still a "light" drinker that sound sketchy to me, like you're still in denial about the role booze plays in your life. I may be wrong. Only you can know for sure, but I would suggest not drinking at all and checking out some AA meetings and see what you think. Namaste, e

We were thinking about this some more, and we realized that of all the obnoxious, clueless, occasionally genuinely deranged-seeming things we know Eric to have said, done, and blogged about, in our mind, his worst crime remains signing his emails "Namaste." Seriously, there better be a special ring of hell where people who use "Namaste" to close any social interaction (except maybe an actual yoga class, but even that is pushing it) are forced to stand in Utthita Trikonasana until the end of time.

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