Isaiah Washington To Return To 'Grey's Anatomy' Set, Higher, Gay-Loving Power Willing

With his elective stint at gayhab nearly complete, it looks as if rageoholic Isaiah Washington's Dark Night of the Gay-Bullying Soul will finally see dawn, as People is reporting the actor is scheduled to return to set Thursday with a sound body, clear mind, and taking his newfound slur-sobriety one day at a time:

Isaiah Washington is scheduled to return to the Grey's Anatomy set as early as Thursday for the first time since entering counseling after making a homophobic slur, a source tells PEOPLE. [...]

A source familiar with the Grey's Anatomy production schedule tells PEOPLE that Washington has confirmed he'll arrive for his next call time, now set for Thursday, though the show's production schedule changes.

Hopefully Washington's therapy—rumored to be mostly Clockwork Orange-style forced conditioning seminars featuring slides of famous Gays interspersed with Disney animated musical numbers, Ron Popeil informercial clips, and mushroom cloud imagery—will have successfully reformed the actor. Should T.R. Knight and his co-star supporters choose to forgive and forget, the last thing Washington needs is to fall off the wagon, and into those self-destructive patterns that cause him to blame "those slow-motion dicksmokers in hair and makeup" for his late arrival to the set.