We love it when cooler-than-thou magazines get caught in unpleasant situations involving their advertisers. It's especially awkward when your magazine is practically predicated upon making fun of everyone and everything—like, say, Vice, which refused to run an ad for the Philadelphia hip-hop group Plastic Little's debut album because it mocked one of Vice's advertisers, Triple5Soul.

Reports the Chicago music blog Transmission:

The first advert, which detailed a hipster's homoerotic fantasies involving Jay-Z, largely passed without comment. But when a follow-up featured a passing dis of hip-hop clothing line Triple5Soul; the mag's editors — fearing a loss in revenue from a staple sponsor — pulled the band's card post-haste.

Yeah, it's all fun and games until someone offends an advertiser.

UPDATE: Vice emails: "The 'banned' ad in question actually did run in Vice."

Kuff 'Em If They Can't Take a Joke [Transmission via Philebrity]

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