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Defamer is committed to informing its readers of exciting opportunities to be humiliated by television networks desperately trying to fill out the non-American Idol portions of their primetime schedules with similarly intellectually challenging fare. And in the service of this noble mission, we direct you to Craigslist's virtual casting office, where the drive to recruit those soon to be flummoxed by an inability to retrieve facts once readily recoverable from their ten-year-old minds is in full swing:

Looking for Contestants for FOX "Are you smarter than a 5th Grader?" We are looking for people with amazing personalities....looks ...and brains~! Answering a few simple questions could make you a millionaire and change your life!

You must be over 25 yrs old, live in southern california.

Send your name, contact #, picture, Your availability Feb 5th- Feb 10th, what you do for a living, and a brief description of why we should choose you for the show to...

Respond ASAP as we have limited audition times available.

Their urgency is real, as Fox put the series on an "extreme fast track" back in December. Also note that when asked about the similarity between his series and one being developed at CBS, 5th Grader producer Mark Burnett bragged, "Ours, quite frankly, is [about] how dumb are you," so if you're serious about being considered for the show, make sure that your initial communication with their casting personnel at least hints at the kind of diminished intellectual capacity they're hoping to showcase, perhaps by addressing your all-caps e-mail to Santa Claus and mentioning you've recently been fired from your reality TV development job.