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Each week, a handful of reader comments are selected for inclusion and veneration in the Gold Star Motel. Standards of excellence are arbitrary, fluid, and contradictory. The reward is strictly honorary (at best). This week:

Re: Things We Learned From The Glamour "Success at 20, 30, 40" Panel
PhineasPoe : "When did Mary Cheney start looking like Thin White Duke-era Bowie?"

Re:'Vanity Fair' Profiles Are The Of The Overclass:
"Okay, we get it, you weren't raised Jewish. No need for the swastika dress."

Re:Who, Pray Tell, Could Carolyn Kepcher Be Referring To?
dlduncan2 : "Typically, N.B. means nota bene, which is Latin for "note well" and is used by pretentious douches to mean "pay attention, this is an important point." However, here at Gawker, N.B. means "Not Balk." You should assume that every sentence on this site not preceded by this abbreviation is written by him. Obviously, this will obviate the need for Balk to start posts and comments with the ubiquitious "Balk here," and so it should save time and eliminate confusion for everyone."

Re:Over 200 People Applied to be Laurel Touby's Assistant. 200. Think About That for a Minute.
Ian Spiegelman: "Hey, she rejected me too. Of course, I only applied for the opportunity to strangle her with her retarded boa as the psycho-love for all things empty slowly drained from her cold, cold eyes—since I don't get many invites to lunches at Michael's these days and so my opertunities to dispatch her in public have been greatly reduced. Ala, perhaps the townspeople will finally light their torches again and head for her castle with pitchforks at the ready. What a head for a pike!"

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