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Kevin Federline, the King of Formerly Kept Background Dancing Pimps, has been enjoying an unprecedented amount of solo time in the limelight since Nationwide's decision to make him the star of their Super Bowl ad . (At $2.6 million per spot, that's roughly $87k per Federline fry-scooping second). Responding to accusations that the ad somehow denigrated America's hard-working food service workers, Federline issued an apology. Why, exactly, we're not entirely sure—but, hey, look who's in the headlines again!:

"The commercial is completely intended for me, making fun of myself and my own situation," the aspiring rapper, 28, told Associated Press Television in a recent interview. "It has nothing to do with anybody in the fast-food industry at all. So, you know, if we've offended anybody, I'm really sorry about that." [...]

It's a "`Saturday Night Live' skit on myself. ... Maybe it'll land me some good roles in Hollywood," said Federline...

So flip those double double patties with pride, America: The spot is merely gentle self-parody, featuring the participation of an increasingly showbiz savvy Federline, who realized all he needed to launch his career to the next level was one buzzed-about SNL-style clip, but reluctantly came to accept the fact that neither his rhyming about weekend down time game nor his manhood-packaging game was nearly ridiculous enough.