Who's The Poopy-Pants Publicist?

Well, we weren't quite buying the Daily News's front-page claim ("N.Y.'s Best Fashion Coverage" — yes, perhaps WWD would beg to differ, maybe) when we first dipped into the paper. And we still weren't convinced after reading their coverage of the weekend's shows (did you know that, this fall, "pink — in every hue, from hot to pale to dusty to a shade of Sweet N' Low — is all you'll want to wear"?) But then we read Chris Rozvar and Jo Piazza's 'The Back Row,' and we were convinced. Because this is the best blind item we've seen in a looong while.

Which fashion publicist needs to lay off the fiber? She's using all her spinning powers to try to cover up an embarrassing "accident" at Hiro on Saturday night. Don't worry, dear. We hear Gucci goes great with Depends!
Send us your guesses and we'll run a poll later — unless the answer turns out to be as obvious as a poopstain on a white banquette.

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