Awards Round-Up: Martin Scorsese And DGA Consummate Long Courtship

· Things are looking sunny for Marty: As most had predicted, he picked up the top feature award from the Directors Guild of America, his first win after seven previous nominations. 52 of the past 58 winners have gone on to take the Oscar, though that doesn't completely rule out the possibility he won't get slighted again, at which point a global audience can delight in watching his eyebrows instantly turn ashen white. [Variety]
· Steve Martin, presenting an award to the DGA awards longtime host Carl Reiner, won the Dirty Old Man One-Liner of the Night Award with this comment about Leelee Sobieski*: "I've been backstage trying to convince Leelee Sobieski that the best way to remove double stick tape is with saliva." [The Envelope]
· The 34th annual Evening Standard British Film Awards gives its top acting honor to—muted gasp!—Judi Dench for Notes on a Scandal, not Helen Mirren for The Queen. Daniel Craig nabbed the top actor award for Casino Royale, and his anguished approximation of what it might feel like to have one's testicles whacked repeatedly with a knotted rope. [Reuters]

· The Carpetbagger sits down with Academy President Sid Ganis. Among the bombshells: The Academy doesn't have its own Oscar pool, Sid finds out the winners at the same time as the rest of us, and, we strongly suspect, The Carpetbagger spent the night before screaming his lungs out at a Justin Timberlake concert. [The Carpetbagger]
· The Santa Barbara International Film Festival gave its indie cinema American Spirit Award to Man in the Chair, and a Gold Vision Award to Spiral, a long overdue cinematic exploration of the world of telemarketing. [THR]

*Leelee Sobieski was an ingenue prominent in the late 1990s.