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We learned yesterday from the Post's Mandy Stadtmiller that the air of Graydon Carter's salon-cum-potpie trough is so rarefied that even a bona fide C+-lister like Jimmy Fallon gets seated in "Siberia." But today, a tipster writes with some helpful hints about how to scam your way around the Inn's elitist reservation policies. We're going to pass these suggestions on to you, but obviously, you should probably take them with a large grain of artisanal sel gris. And a truffle shaving or two.

It is not as complicated as you -the media- is making out to be.

Ooh, we love it when people call us "the media!" So, break it down for us?

I was there last week twice. My crew and I sat -both times in the front room- last visit at a table so close to Graydon and Anna I could almost smell the steamed spinach little pot that was served to them Now this is the way it goes (how I did it) : I called the Vanity Fair Editorial Offices and asked for Graydon. Of course he does not come to the phone silly people- his staff will ask you what is this in reference to- then you said that your friend - Mr or Mrs so and So-(pick any name that have been invited to Graydon Carter's wedding reception in CT 2 years ago hint there were 150 guests you have plenty to choose I have a big list to share if you do not find it anywhere else-) told you to call Graydon's office and ask for John because you would like to have a reservation to his precious (make sure that you give a lot of compliments here) eatery. John wioll [sic] come to the phone and will ask your name and party of how many - he will also tell you how delighted he is to mak ethis reservation because Graydon just will do anything for you ( BOTH TIMES he said the same about different people - I think he is reading from a scripted version of how to kiss ass and make people that you do not know feel important) So there you have it.Call Conde Nast office if you can't find another way of direct contact top Graydon's office - you will eventually get there- Please promise that you will make this information available to everyone AFTER you get your reservations confirmed which by the way is very simple they just put your name down , nobody ever calls the friend's office to confirm if they sent anyone to call which by the way -they probably do anyway.

Go on, give it a shot! It'll totally work now.

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