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From our friends at the Smoking Gun comes news that a lawsuit filed by AMI chief David Pecker against a — which houses porn ads — has been dismissed. Pecker apparently thought that since the site has the word "pecker" in it, he was entitled to the domain. HA! More interesting, though, are the documents from the decision that TSG dug up—particularly the way Pecker describes himself.

According to the complaint, Pecker:

  • is "a famous and highly respected businessperson in the publishing industry with a 25-year career"
  • has "completed more than 3.6 billion dollars in magazine transactions"
  • "is known nationally and internationally by the name David Pecker and his high profile name is linked inextricably with AMI and is cited frequently by the media"
  • "Mr. Pecker's name has been indelibly etched in the public mind with AMI. Mr. Pecker's name is constantly being used to promote AMI. Considerable good will has attached to Mr. Pecker's name and damage to his name would be irreparable."
  • "David Pecker's personal fame and reputation have caused his name, as a leader in the publishing industry and as Chairman and CEO of AMI, to acquire a secondary meaning in the industry. Complainant's name is used to promote AMI and the public understands his name as referring to AMI."

So surprising that the suit wasn't resolved in his favor, is it not?

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