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Hold on to your hats — we hear Bill Gates was boring as the keynote speaker for the info-security RSA Conference, ongoing at Moscone Center. Fortunately, Conference Fonzerelli is on hand, much to his personal regret. The ConFonz quoth:

The fabulous and sexy Conference Fonzerelli has trouble avoiding parties. Even when he stopped to retch up the last of his peyote buttons into an alley off second street, he found himself standing outside of the PingIdentity party.

Read on for partially redemptive Microsoft pull quote.

Elsewhere, Microsoft held a press gathering at the Cartoon Art Museum, irony unimagined. Just another indication of the Mickey Mouse attitude Microsoft has towards security.

So, remember, application security scanning is a 30 million dollar a year industry, max. And yet, Veracode is the bell of the ball at this year's RSA Conference. Lets all hope those shiny new employees and pr people help to get the company acquired before CA's seed money runs out.

Still, best quote of the day goes to Microsoft: "I love RSA, you can assume everyone here is not a complete retard."

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