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The date: February 3rd 2007
The place: 2nd at 13th
Sighted: "Saw Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz, they were fighting with the bartender because they thought he charged them ten dollars too much. They ended up throwing money at him and storming off. Lame. They make how much a movie?"

A lot tipster, they make a lot of money per movie. And though we can certainly picture that self-righteous, duck face Cameron Diaz getting into a shouting match over ten bucks, this sort of behavior is wildly out of character for Drew Barrymore. So, perhaps this little spat wasn't actually about the money. Maybe this bartender was simply taking one for the team. Team Man, that is.

With Justin Timberlake currently juggling the two sexiest women alive, whose combined ages just about equal her own, Cammie can't be all that pleased with the male species. And getting dumped for that girl from 7th Heaven has to sting a little. Which is probably why Cam almost punched her in the face at a Golden Globe party last month.

It is, however, the sheer bitchitude of Drew Barrymore that is truly surprising here. What is going on with our adorable little flower child? Could it be related to the fact that since she wasn't certain she wanted kids just yet Fabrizio Moretti dumped her for Kirsten Dunst? Probably.

Honestly though, ladies, the prospect of a Valentine's Day alone while your eggs continue to shrivel is not fun for anyone. Of course, we don't all get to recuperate by surfing with Kelly Slater in Hawaii and making out with Bruce Willis. Okay, maybe the latter is not the way we would have gone. But the point is this - you have millions of dollars, get over it and give the bartender his tip. Odds are he, like most of us, is not fucking anyone famous at all.

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