Yesterday we laid out the case for Ron Burkle's financial involvement in Radar; today an insider gives us some clarifications:

Your source is right about Ron Burkle, Yusef Jackson, and Radar. Before Yusef went into the beer business (which is its own saga — he got the distributorship out of the blue shortly after his father started then stopped a boycott of Budweiser), he worked at a law firm in Chicago. He's pretty tight-lipped but has an entourage of lackeys who are not. Yusef and Burkle are together in Radar.

I don't know specific numbers, but I would be surprised if Burkle supplied only 80 percent of the funding. "Prot g " might not the right word for Burkle's relationship with Yusef. Jesse Sr. made some money for Burkle back in the day, and Burkle reportedly hired Jesse Sr.'s mistress when she left one of Jesse's organizations.

That sounds about right. Jackson's mistress, Karin Stanford, was a former aide who bore his child out of wedlock in 1999; in 2001, the National Enquirer broke the story that Jackson had paid Stanford $40,000 in "moving expenses" out of the coffers of his Rainbow/PUSH coalition.

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