Since the latest season of Laguna Beach was a total bomb, it's perhaps not surprising that MTV is looking closer to home for its newest series. Quoting from a Brooklyn Tech newsletter: "MTV's newest soon-to-be hit show is Brooklyn. The premise is to paint an accurate picture for America of what life is like for the average Brooklyn high school student." Okay, we admit we're more than a little excited. Scenes from the Fulton Mall! Exclusive barbecues in Prospect Park! Prom at the Brooklyn Marriott!

But why Brooklyn Tech? Well:

With a student body of 4,000, BTHS represents the many faces of teenagers in Brooklyn. Rich, poor, Asian, Black, White, Hispanic and everyone in between come here to learn. Since 1922, BTHS has been the home to everyone from bodybuilders to entertainers to noble laureates. Considered to be one of the best magnet schools in the country, BTHS is a cutthroat competition even before the year starts. BTHS has proven to be a golden free-of-charge opportunity: the first step onto a life of success.
But, at the end of the day, despite all its diversity, class divides and Brooklyn grit, BTHS is just like any other American public high school.

This is a show about America's urban teenagers, the street savvy teenagers, the teenagers who have to grow up that much faster because if they don't, the city will eat them alive. They will be real and they will be tough and ready for anything that comes their way or at least so they think.

Okay, yeah, blah blah blah. We're just waiting to see who they turn into the next Kristin Cavallari. We imagine the bitchy Russian girls from Brighton Beach are sharpening their fake nails as we speak.

MTV to Profile Brooklyn Tech Students in New Show
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