The Petrescus and Their Cat Nanny To Explode In Midtown as Foretold by Psychic PaintingRadar's already mildly called bullshit on Nicolae and Elisabeta Petrescu, the supposed brother and sister non-English-speaking Romanians who've haunted fashion week—and addressed the rumor that they're Borat-sequel-related. WWD's already called PETA on them. We bring the good news that this whole shebang is expected to reach some conceptual climax on Friday.

Last night, the duo and pussy-posse were deep in Paul Sevigny's Beatrice Inn. As is the case with everywhere they go, they brought a publicist and their cat, Leo, as well as the cat's nanny. But early in the evening, the cat found it too smoky and they had to go home. Pussy.