We've partied with them and noted their ad policies, but what is it actually like to work at Vice? Their interns, apparently, are not a walk in the park. For an upcoming issue, the contents of the famed "Gross Jar"—reportedly filled with shit, blood, cum, dead squirrels, what have you—were emptied and made into tie-dyed T-shirts, and subsequently given to the interns. And they wore them! Dumbasses. Apparently they're also given to saying dumb shit like, "I'm not religiously Buddhist, but i try to practice Buddhism in my life." Uh, okay.

Other characteristics of the Vice intern: rolling up to the office around 11, wearing Nikes, wearing the Gross Jar shirt, thinking the LES is the "greatest place on earth" and spending way too much time at Max Fish. Oh, and failing to pay rent. Loser. Too bad the Gawker Roommate Service isn't up and running. Yet. Or ever, come to think of it. You all would kill each other. Then again, material!

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