Youtube cash flood lifts all boats Once you've had fun with the marquee moneymakers selling off their Youtube-bought Google stock , it's a diverting pastime to poke around in the guts of the SEC filing to see who else plans to make book. For example, Keith "Hope You Die of AIDS " Rabois could toddle off with $4.2 million. Rabois was the first person to see Youtube, as founders Chad Hurley and Steven Chen co-founder Jawed Karim approached him first via their mutual Paypal connection. Rabois liked the idea and passed it to Roelof Botha at Sequoia. Something of a puzzler, as why didn't Rabois instead send them to his patron Peter Thiel, who has a somewhat tense relationship with Sequoia's Mike Moritz? Anyway, for your sifting pleasure, find a complete list of the stock-sellin' folk, after the jump. If you can parse anything amusing out of the names and amounts, then tell us all about it .

UPDATE: OK, never mind, just review the list on the SEC site . Too much table-text to run here, apparently.