Socialite Fabiola Beracasa could not be more thrilled that Maer Roshan has asked her and her good friend Tinsley Mortimer to host the Radar re-re-launch party on Feb. 21! We would've thought by this point Radar would've grown tired of Tinz—she has been rather over-exposed lately—but apparently not, as Beracasa reports on her Fashion Week blog on NYM:

On my way to Catherine Malandrino I got a call from Maer Roshan. "Good news," he said: Radar magazine would like Tinsley and I [sic] to join him in Los Angeles on February 21 to host the relaunch, just before the Oscars.

And he wants us to do a photo shoot together before, something "edgy" that they will unveil at the event. I like the fact that Radar pokes fun at the idea of a socialite. I'm the first to admit that if I was on the other side of the fence I would do the same. So Tinz and I are off to L.A. next week! Ooh, something edgy! That Carl 's Jr. imitation ad was edgy. Maybe this time they'll do something kinky with The Burger King.

Fabiola, Tinsley, and Cuba Gooding Jr. Scream for 'Nookie!' [NYM]
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