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· The London Film Critics' Circle awarded The Queen its top British film and director awards, United 93 best film and director, and Volver best foreign film, rendering us completely and utterly lost. [Variety]
· This just in: The Carpetbagger thinks Swedish people are "genetically cool." (Hey, you try meeting your post quota for an Oscars-only blog.) [The Carpetbagger]
· The 21st Genesis Awards—the Humane Society's Oscars!—announced its nominees. Movies like Charlotte's Web, Eight Below, and Over The Hedge are nominated in the family feature categories. [THR]

· Our audiophiliac cousin Idolator will be liveblogging this Sunday's Grammys, where we encourage you to vent about your elation and/or disappointment over James Blunt's showing. [Idolator]
· Peter O'Toole fondly recalls the days Katherine Hepburn called him "Pig" and he'd call her "Old Nags." [The Envelope]
· Many very famous movie stars will be presenting Oscars. [GoldDerby]
· "Hollywood Stars Get Facelift For Oscars" Oh, cheeky AP, you got us once again! You just mean stars on the Walk of Fame. [AP]
· Noticed those Oscars posters and billboards around town featuring famous lines of dialogue? Now, Netflix features a page that allows you to click on the quote to find out all about where it came from. Yeah, it's crass marketing...but it's also kind of fun! [Netflix]