Media Bubble: Why Are These Jews Smiling?

  • The New York Post's and NY Observer publisher Jared Kushner's PR man Steven Rubenstein spoonfeeds NYP media columnist Keith Kelly super-fun-happy-times-yay-team item on New York Observer redesign and accompanying editor 'n' publisher lovefest. [NYP]
  • No one likes Gary Pruitt, the head of Knight-Ridder buying McClatchy Co., any more, cuz he didn't make magical money come jackpotting out of newspapers.
  • Gossip magazines move slower than tabloid TV, which moves slightly slower than the gossip internets! [NYT]
  • Daily News columnist Michael Goodmanwin is a sign of the creaky tiredness of the tabloid itself. Also the cartoonists are suck. [VF]
  • Have you guys been watching Jossip TV? It's like Jossip publisher David Hauslaib dressed up for gay prom and then got distracted by his video camera. [Jossip]