In the pantheon of love and relationships advice columnists, there's no one quite like Elle's E. Jean to tell it like it is. Whining that you're too fat to find a boyfriend? Lose weight, dumpling. Complaining that you're too much of a wallflower to find a man? You are, and no one likes a wallflower or a complainer. Darling.

Anyway. Looks like E. Jean is looking for a couple of interns!

She seriously needs a few guys 'n' gals to help her out and serve as "advice vixens"!

Kumquats! I am offering two internships with A little history: I have been writing the Ask E. Jean column in Elle magazine for fourteen years. I worry and fret and pull (what is left of) my hair out, trying to write the best, most do-able, advice I can. And then what happens? As soon as the column hits the newsstand, letters from readers flood The Ask E. jean desk . . . with everyone offering THEIR advice to the juicy questions. And here's the thing: many times the advice is just waaaaay smarter, more bracing, and wiser than my own.

So what does this mean for you?

Oh, kumquats. It means you should work for E. Jean, coming up with answers to the questions submitted to her new feature "Advice Vixens" on her website. Generously, since "you should get something for your hard work besides a great three-line write-up on your resume," she will be paying interns $6.50 an hour. But the advice you'll get? Simply priceless.

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