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We've been staring at this Sunday Styles article on the resurgence (ha! pun!) of the kaffiyeh, those oh-so-kicky Arab-land scarves, for like five hours now. It contains this gem:

Clearly, many wearers have not considered the kaffiyeh's political import. "I'm not too up to speed in what's going on in the Middle East," said Liz Chernett, a strategic consultant in branding and a youth trends expert who bought a kaffiyeh from a vendor on St. Mark's Place three months ago. "It's an aesthetic thing."

So listen. We're all sick over here today. Like, real bad. We all have fevers, and Balk is even literally ordered to bed rest by one of those doctors! An expensive doctor, with a white coat! Which is to say, we're all somewhat judgment-impaired right now. It wouldn't be hard for any of us to make any manner of bad decision. We've probably already made dozens today. Right now, on IM, we're talking about how awesome it would be to take a quart of soup to bed and watch "Josie and the Pussycats."

We adore Parker Posey's paycheck work.

And then a story like this stews before us. I mean, on one hand, we just wanted to go STUPID BITCH STUPID BITCH and OMG WHAT WAR? and call it a day. But you know: she's a civilian. She's not Britney Spears or Arthur Sulzberger, Jr. Just because she said something aggressively stupid to and/or about a newspaper doesn't mean the internet should be littered permanently with people hatin' hard on her.

So the Advil is making us think, with all its chalky pain-numbing quietness, maybe we should all have a little giggle and move on. "Sometimes people wear things that they don't know what they mean! OMG, also I'm wearing sweatshop pants!"

Also it's sorta like that one time this girl we know named Jennie had this shirt that she loved and her brother looked at her once when she was wearing it and he was like, "You know in Hebrew that says 'I.D.F.' over your left hooter?" No sir she did not know.

Which is sort of the un-trendy version of this here kaffiyeh story.

Fuck, who knows? Maybe Liz Chernett is so busy keeping up on the state of cancer gene therapy or tensions along the Pakistan borders that she can't keep up with the Middle East proper. Or maybe she's so brain-damaged by The O.C. and long afternoons getting manicures and her job "strategically consulting" that she really is a complete fucking waste of calcium and oxygen and should be totally put down. Maybe—most likely probably—we'll never find out.

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