Buzztracking "Wizards of Buzz" In addition to sporting one of the most hilarious illustrations ever to appear in the Wall Street Journal , the "Wizards of Buzz " article trend piece on social media "influencers" really should be the reddest of red-meat linkbait, right? So how's the article doing on the sites it mentions?

Digg - 420 diggs as of this writing. Not bad, but not stellar. Reaction ranges from congratulatory to disappointment and getting interviewed but not quoted.

Reddit - 82 points. Much investigation into the identify of Reddit user "Adam Fuhrer," a supposed 12-year-old from Toronto. More here .

StumbleUpon - 435 stumbles. Little comment. - No sign of the WSJ article getting much bookmark love. 287 bookmarks actually.

Newsvine - 31 votes. Discussion is all citizen-journalish, of course.

Netscape - 95 votes. Commentary somehow devolves into a strange internecine squabble. Jason Calacanis present, though uninvolved in squabble.