It's late in the day, so our resistance to superannuated, frequently beturtlenecked producer Robert Evans' trademarked hypnotic, question-and-answer cadence ("Am I lulling you into a trance-like state right now with the sound of my voice? You bet. Is there anything you can do to stop me? Think again, Trixie. Now do me a favor. Hit that button next to the waterbed that says "The Perfect Storm" and get ready to be capsized by a tidal wave of love, baby.") is dangerously low, but in watching this video clip pimping his in-progress second memoir, we think Evans just admitted that he nearly consented to marry Val Kilmer. Would he have married good ol' Val in the sexual sense? No way, Mary. The Kid ain't no fruitcake, even for a capital-s Star like Mr. Kilmer.