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· Dune's Feyd-Rautha, the band leader from the Dennis Miller Show, and an unnamed drummer have announced their intentions to embark upon a worldwide tour as a musical act. This "super group," as it were, will travel under the name of The Police. Should be interesting.
· Someone needs to option this sentence immediately: "No one disputes that an on-duty Irvine police officer got an erection and ejaculated on a motorist during an early-morning traffic stop in Laguna Beach." We're thinking Paramount Vantage could really do something with material this gritty. Or, to go a different direction, maybe it's more of a Farrelly brothers thing. [via BoingBoing]
· Keeping track of the Danielynne Smith paternity sweepstakes is so much easier in photo gallery form.
· Let us join the list of those pleased that Sarah Silverman's show is already getting a pick-up for a second season. Who didn't instantly fall in love with her big, orange, and gay neighbors?
· Fred Goldman's lawyer vows to "burrow to the center of the earth" to find out where O.J. Simpson's movie residuals are going. Surely, somewhere near our planet's molten core lies a secret cache containing Simpson's Naked Gun 33 1/3 riches.