• Magazine circulation for the second half of 2006? Not so good. The big winners were the celebrity weeklies and Men's Health, which may have found a winning strategy in sticking Dave Zinczenko on the "Today Show" every goddamn day. The big losers? Everyone else, particularly Marie Claire, some copies of which reportedly returned themselves. [WWD]
  • Speaking of "Today," former Giant Tiki Barber has joined the team. [NYT]
  • Arthur Sulzberger hopes that if he makes some nice noises about print journalism to the staff on Wednesday it'll shut up all his employees who worry about the Times going web-only. Good luck, Pinch, those folks never shut up about nothin'. [NYO]
  • The head of Metro International to step down. Your ability to get to your train without having a free paper shoved at you will not be affected. [Guardian]
  • YouTube wants to capture the grandma demographic. [MediaWeek]
  • At the end of the day, you will either be working for The Politico or Portfolio. Just accept it. [MediaPost]

    [Image: Reuters]