Gossip Roundup: Dannielynn Has A Birkhead Nose!

  • Larry Birkhead, one of Anna Nicole's many possible impregnators, tried to get her off drugs while she was up the stick, but his efforts were met with resistance. [NYDN]
  • Tina Fey vs. Aaron Sorkin. Oh, it's ON! [R&M, second-to-last item]
  • J. Howard Marshall's first wife is still kicking it at 102. [NYDN]
  • Ralph Fiennes didn't really have mile-high sex with a Quantas stewardess — or did he? (Also: sorry, ladies, but if you fuck chronically rude movie stars in the bathroom, we don't call you a 'flight attendant.') [Page Six]
  • Did designer Zac Posen really poke "socialite" Arden Wohl in the forehead? [Page Six]
  • These are Jennifer Aniston's nipples. [Fleshbot]