We just didn't want karma and the powers-that-be to think that we didn't notice today's episode of the symbiosis between ex-marrieds Nadine and Richard Johnson. You all know the drill. Every now and then, Nadine's PR clients get plugged hard on Richard's Page Six, and Richard makes sure Junior Sixer Corynne Steindler shows up at Nadine's events, and everyone pretends it's just like the 1950's. But really, today's column strained even the most jaded observer's credulity.

From today's Page Six:

REMEMBER the name Alice Eve. The young English actress is going to be a huge star after having lunch with Page Six at Michael's the other day. She has a movie out on Feb. 23, "Starter for 10," which will be screened tonight for such luminaries as Tom Hanks, Sam Mendes, Diane Sawyer and Drew Barrymore, with a dinner after at Odeon. Eve plays the love interest of two university boys on a competitive scholastic team. "It's great to be in a movie you can be proud of," she told us. She hopes to come to Broadway this year in Tom Stoppard's "Rock 'n' Roll," which she said has nothing to do with music and everything to do with communism.

So, an actress no one's ever heard of—granted, she's hot, but still, she's not listed on WhoRepresents.com—gets a glowing Page Six mention because ... Nadine Johnson is repping the premiere of Starter for 10. Nice. Plus a change, etc.